Mawiong Wholesale Regulated market - At A Glance

A Brief Profile of Mawiong Wholesale Regulated Market

1. Date of Commission: 12th August 1996

2. Location: 6 KM from Shillong on the Road side of National Highway 40 (Shill-Guw Road)

3. Total Area: 14.6 Hectares

4. Total Area Developed: 5 Hectares appx.

5. Infrastructure Created:

      a) Trader Store cum Storage Godowns - 38 Nos. Total Capacity- 7600 MT.

      b) Auction Platform. 1 No. Area- 460

      c) Grading Platform. 1 No. Area - 460

      d) Rural Godown - 2 Nos. Capacity 2000 MT.

      e) Farmer’s Rest House - 1 No.

      f) Parking Yard- Capacity - 50 Nos. Of Trucks.

      g) Internal Road- 689 Running Metres

      h) Market Committee Office Building - 1 No.

      i) Meg Cold Storage - 1 No. Capacity 1000 MT

      j) Mini Trucks - 2 Nos.

6. Amenities Developed:

      a) Sanitary Public Latrines - 8 Nos.

      b) Drinking Water supply - 2500 Litres/day

7. Market Information Network - The Market Committee had received 1 No. PIII Computer with printer and Internet connection from Directorate of Marketing & Inspection , GOI for collection and dissemination of daily market prices and arrivals of agricultural commodities.

8. Management - The Regulated Market is managed by the Mawiong Market Committee which was constituted by the government of Meghalaya as per the provision of the Meghalaya Agricultural Produce Market Act 1980. The Committee is headed by the Chairman and the committee consists of 13 members as follows:-

      A) 5 (Five) Nos. from the Progressive Farmers

      B) 3 (three) Nos. From Licensed Traders

      C) 2 (two) Nos. from the Co-Op Marketing Societies

      D) 1 (one) No. From the State Warehousing Corporation

      E) 1 (one) No. From the Local Authority in whose jurisdiction the market in located

      F) 1 (one) No. State Government nominee.

9. Market Area - The notified Market Area of the Mawiong Regulated Market consists of three Districts i.e. East Khasi Hills, West Khasi Hills and Ri Bhoi District.

      A)Geographical Area Served by the Market - 10,443 Sq.Km.

      B) Population Served - 11,47,904 (2001 Census)

      C) No. Of Inhabited Villages - 2187 Nos.

10. Notified Commodities - The Commodities that are notified by the government whose trading is to be regulated are:-

      A) Potato

      B) Ginger

      C) Broomstick

      D) Bay Leaf (Tezpatta)

      E) Resin Wood (Dhuplakri)

11. Revenue of the Market - The main source of revenue of the Regulated Market is from the market cess which is collected from the traders @ 1% of the total value of goods bought or sold in the market and also from the Trader Store Rent. The average revenue of the Market committee is about Rs. 25 Lakhs annually.

12. Arrival of Commodities - The yearly average arrival of all commodities to the market is about 40,000 MT. with and average estimated value of about Rs. 2500 lakhs per year.

13. Scope for Expansion - The market area of the Mawiong Regulated Market are the major producing areas of different agricultural and horticultural crops of the State. The is a good marketable surplus of important agricultural and horticultural crops like Potato, Ginger, Oranges, Pineapple, Pear, Peach, Plum, Appricot, Banana, Tomato, Chillies, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Squash, Black pepper, turmeric including other minor forest produce. However the existing infrastructure in other primary markets in these three Districts cannot sufficiently handle the volume of perishable and semi perishable produce that are produced. Therefore the Mawiong Regulated Market needs more expansion viz. Creation of Sub Market Yard in Ri Bhoi District for Ginger and at Smit for Vegetables. Besides creation of additional infrastructures inside the Regulated Market to cater to the needs of the growers/producers are needed. These are :-

      A) Trader’s Store/Godowns 25 Nos. @ 200MT capacity to augument an additional storage of 5000 MT for Fruits and Vegetables including minor forest produce.

      B) Weigh Bridge - 1 No. Of 20 MT Capacity.

      C) Boundary Fencing - 500 Running Metres

      D) Sorting and Packing Sheds - 2 Nos of 500 Sq. Metres Each

      E) Drying Platform - 2 Nos of 1000 Sq. Metres Each