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Internet Based Technologies: An Empowering and knowledge sharing engine for growth.

Seventy five percent of the world's poor live in the rural areas. Reducing knowledge gaps and sharing information of economic value for farmer is an essential input for increasing productivity and boosting growth in rural areas. Empowering farmers with relevant, accurate and timely information about prices being quoted in the market place can help the farmer to take appropriate production related decisions as well as strengthening his bargaining power.

Thus the availability of prompt and reliable information about what is happening in the market, what quantities are arriving and what prices are quoted for different commodities considerably improve the decision making capability of the farmers and strengthens their bargaining power. At present, the information is disseminated through various media like radio, newspapers, blackboard display and public address system at market yards. The information provided by these methods is stale and does not help the farmers sufficiently in taking decisions in marketing their produce. The farmers are also not able to know about the prices prevailing in other markets, as the Market Committees are able to disseminate information in respect of their own markets only. The farmers are, therefore, left with no alternative but to dispose of their produce in the nearest market, even at uneconomic prices. Improvement in the present market information system by linking all important rural markets in the State, the State Agricultural Marketing Boards & Agriculture and Horticulture Departments, under the Agriculture Marketing Portal will enable farmers to take market based decisions and benefit other market users as well.